How To Find The Best Push Mower For Your Lawn

However, like we said earlier, its important to pick a blade that is compatible with your machine. A blade that is too wide might not fit and can end up damaging the lawnmower. The best thing to do is check your lawnmower’s manual for further advice on the required width.

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Lawnmower blades play an important role in keeping your lawn trimmed. New lawnmower blades are essential when old blades are worn out and may damage your lawn or work ineffectively. Use our buying guide, and you can find what is best to keep your lawn in shape. The blade works by lifting the lawn’s grass and cutting them, which will provide you a lawn that is perfectly manicured. The Craftsman blades are known to be long-lasting, which is a good thing because this means that you no longer need to purchase another blade for an extended period. Mowing your lawn will be a breeze using these blades because of the sharpness that they have.

Know When To Use Mulching Blades And Why!

They match the recommended specs and usually have a little better warranty than aftermarket blades. The commercial blades made by Rotary are definitely a premium blade that is trusted by many in the industry. The Copperhead mower blades are Rotary’s own branding and logo that they use for most of their blades.

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Although removing the old blade may be a bit of a hassle, you can be sure that this blade will fit your Craftsman lawn mower perfectly. The Toro replacement blade is basically a toothed mulching blade. Typically, the EGO original blades last for a few years without requiring a replacement. But, if you have decided that it’s time for a replacement, then the EGO power blade should be your first choice. You will need to install three of these blades to your lawnmower. This product includes two blades that provide a combined cutting surface of about 46 inches.

Husqvarna 580244002 Lawn Mower Blade

This looks a little messier than bagging but can enrich the soil over the course of the winter. As the small leaf particles work their way between the blades of grass, they’ll break down and leech nutrients into the soil. Blades that are too large will slow your mower down considerably if they even fit under the deck. As well, you’re likely to cause more clumping due to the slower speed and the lack of space under the deck that the larger blade creates. Plus, a blade that is too long can be a hazard, potentially striking the mower’s body or another blade in a double- or triple-blade mower deck. Keep in mind that picking your lawnmower blade set is very important as it can really influence your life.

best lawn mower blades

Ideal for residential and commercial use, the aggressive Gator blade is built strong for tough working conditions. The 2.4-inch wide blade is made from 0.187-inch thick tungsten steel that is extremely durable. Special X-Tended technology also guarantees a long-lasting sharp edge.

8ten Lawnrazor Lift Blade Set For Craftsman & Husqvarna

Mulching implies you are not collecting grass clippings using a bag. This blade set comes with a decent lift you can take advantage of if you want to collect the clippings. This means you can still use these blades if you intend to stick to bagging. If you have a riding lawn mower, then you may have multiple blades under the deck. If that’s the case, it makes sense to get a set as you will need to change more blades. It’s also a good idea to get multiple blades if your demands for mowing are high, and you want to use them frequently.

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Mowing the Lawn Without Pollution.

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This MaxPower mulching blade is quite efficient at cutting and mulching grass. But it’s slightly different than the original blades in terms of dimensions. The Oregon lawn mower blades are compatible with four different lawnmowers. Fortunately for you, we have created a list of best lawn mower blades currently available in the market. If you have searched online for lawn mower blades, you may have seen hundreds if not thousands of blades. Dull blades may require a total replacement, which isn’t bad since new blades are relatively cheap and easy to replace.

Again, reel mowers are suited for small and medium-sized yards. This is because the average cutting width of these mowers is usually 14”-20”. Pushing them across a large-sized lawn will make the task extremely tedious. But keep in mind that due to their manual nature, even the best reel mowers are only practical for small or medium yards that are less than 3000 sq ft. Anything larger than this will require an electric, gas, or sit-on-top mower.

If you allow the grass to grow too long , the mulching blade will not be as effective at re-circulating and cutting the grass into smaller clippings. Gator blades are generally high lift although this varies from manufacturer. High lift is still important as it contributes to the mulching ability by lifting the grass up for cutting and then re-cutting over and over under the mowing deck.

The Best Lawn Mower Blade Replacements You Can Buy

All they require is a push to get the cutting started on the lawn. They don’t even require any gas or oil for power, resulting in zero fuel costs. Easy to assemble and lightweight with lots of bonus features, a push lawn mower is a great one-time investment for your lawn. This one has simple and practical features to get the job done quickly. The wide 18” cutting path will allow you to snip the grass more efficiently and in less amount of time. The mower also comes with a 2-in-1 feature with rear bag and mulching capabilities.

When purchasing a blade, be sure to get you one that will serve you long. A higher quality blade may cost slightly more than an average blade but it is better than getting a blade that will not serve you as long as you need. Although no significant damage comes to your mower, you have to deal with the stubborn clippings which stick to your mower after the job is done.

How To Change Lawn Mower Blades

The advantage of the file is that you can sharpen the way you want and every step of the process can be controlled by the operator. Every file would be able to perform a task, which is different best lawn mower blades from the other. Files come in different shapes, features, specifications and sizes, which help you to sharpen and take a nice shape after sharpening the lawn mower equipment blade.

best lawn mower blades

While it is important to always make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp, this is especially true with a mulching blade. A dull mulching blade will have a much harder time re-cutting the grass clippings which could result in clumps of grass being left on your lawn. Unlike a mulching blade, a high-lift blade is designed to move clippings in one direction and get them out of the blade’s way as quickly as possible. Because a high-lift blade moves clippings out from under the deck efficiently, however, it is the best choice of blade when bagging grass clippings. A mulching blade is designed to keep grass clippings aloft under the mower deck for as long as possible so that they will be cut multiple times by the blade.

Blade Length

As far as features go, it doesn’t have our pick’s easy control interface or the two-blade system, but it does offer a gas-free option at a more affordable price. The LM2101 comes with a 5.0 Ah battery, so the run time is a little shorter, at 45 minutes. Most mowers have a single blade, but the Honda, like our Ego pick, has two. In the mowing tests, the two-bladed Ego showed a superior cut-quality compared with our runner-up, and this is the primary reason we’d choose this model over the older version.

best lawn mower blades

Then compare these part numbers with the unit’s Operator’s Manual or Parts List. The strength of the blade may not be as much as the initial blade but after a good sharpening, it is sure to return back to its former condition and deliver a good cut. The process of swapping the blades is quite easy and may be done by one person as it takes only a few minutes to complete fitting the new blade into your mower.

You may decide to go with mulching, bagging, or side discharge. Whichever your choice, you have to ensure that you have got the perfect blade. For side discharge, a variety of blades may be used to get the job done. Here are some blade ideas you might want to consider next time you go shopping for the right blade for your mower. It is quite different from a wet lawn and the process has a few setbacks. Find Original Equipment Blades for all Push Mowers, Self-Propelled Mowers, Wide-Area Mowers and Walk-Behind Mower applications.

This blade is specifically made to work with the Honda HRX 21-inch lawn mower. It is a replacement mulching blade designed to get a top rating from pretty much anyone who decides to use it in their lawn mower. This one works on some of the biggest brands of lawn mowers, so it is a great replacement blade no matter what you need to mow up at the time. It is crucial to factor in the durability of the replacement blade you intend to buy by ensuring it has a solid construction. Opt for a highly durable blade with plenty of thickness to prevent changing your cutting edge frequently.

This is a large blade, meant to work best in the 42-inch sized lawn mowers. It is an excellent option for owners who want the best cut grass but do not want to work with OEM blades. These blades are really sharp so you can get fine grass clippings, ones that will compost quickly and start to provide nourishment to the yard. The good news is there are many different types of lawn mower blades that you can choose that are made by other manufacturers and will fit just perfectly on your lawn mower.

  • They are very easy to install, although you should consider taking out your spark plug for safety reasons.
  • Lift the mower with the help of a jack if you need it for your particular lawnmower.
  • To sharpen the blade, clamp it in a vise or strong clamp, ensuring that it’s held firmly in place with no room for wiggling.
  • Mulching is a great option for lawn mowing because it provides nutrients that will help your grass grow naturally.
  • They are great for bagging leaves and grass clippings as they are high-lift blades.
  • If it’s accustomed to being pushed in the same direction, it learns which way to fall.
  • Secure the blade and start stroking the metal file on the cutting edge of the blade.
  • Due to its shape use for bagging qualities but do not use it together with a mulching plug.
  • They attach easily to compatible models and holds up pretty well.
  • Performing service and adjustments on any lawn mower makes a big difference in cut quality, but you’ll never get the best cutting quality without having the right equipment.

But two sets of blades are straightforwardly the most excellent replacement blade option available in the market in such an affordable range. Furthermore, the Greenworks mower blade is designed ergonomically for a convenient installation process without touching the deck edge. The good thing about Greenworks is that they provide a complete range of pre-sharpened blades, which increase the working efficiency. Its 21 inches longer and 0.15 inches thicker blade promises to give peak performance and also increases the cutting area of the lawnmowers. The organic shape of the blade offers ease in the installation. The vertical mulching blade easily replaces the majority of the Toro model mowers.

You also need to consider what kind of blade your blades are if you are going to use dethatching. If there is no sharp edge visible then there are a few things you can do to fix this problem. These are going to be blades that are going to be able to work with some level of strength you are going to be able to get a great product.


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